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Privacy Policy

Who are we?

We are Pensar Data Ltd, trading as Cotswold Web Gurus. We are based at 14 Groves Business Park, Shipton Road, Milton under Wychwood, Oxfordshire OX7 6JP. Pensar Data Ltd is registered in England & Wales, company number 12055998.

What Data do we collect?

If you subscribe to our newsletter or other marketing stuff then we will ask you for your name and your email address. You may also provide other information such as your phone number and address, and all the data you provide us is stored for as long as you remain a subscriber of that service.

If you are a customer of ours, we will also keep data about the services we provide to you, your user ids and passwords (if you’ve asked us to manage password protected services) and various customer records such as invoice and payment history.

We may also keep a copy of customer service and email correspondence between us for as long as it’s necessary or useful for our provision of services to you.

Anonymous, and not-so-anonymous, data technology

We use cookies and other anonymous devices to provide the services on this website and to help with our marketing. The cookies we use are those built into WordPress and plugins which use them to make our website function correctly, but we don’t use them in any way that would identify you as an individual.

An exception is our use of CRM technology which tracks how long users spend on each webpage on our site and which pages they view. If you’re not logged in then this software doesn’t know who you are but you may be identifiable through your IP address. If you are logged in then it can identify which pages you view and your viewing habits while on this web site, and put all of that into a shiny report for us which we use to make our website better.

We also use remarketing pixels provided by third parties such as Facebook and Google. These are invisible pixels on our website provided by those 3rd parties which they use to show you targeted advertising after you’ve visited our site.

We only use remarketing services from Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, and you can opt out of being tracked by those third parties by visiting your privacy settings on those websites.

We make use of the remarketing pixels to serve targeted advertising to website visitors when they go back onto those 3rd party websites. It’s very clever, and a bit big-brother-ish, but we’re not privy to what these 3rd parties collect about you and, to us, it’s completely anonymous. To them, however, our pixel adds to a very complete picture that they build about your interests and browsing habits, so we would urge you to review your privacy settings on those sites if you’re concerned about this.


We use Google AdWords for marketing and Google Analytics to measure various metrics of our users such as time spent on site, pages viewed, bounce rate etc. The services are complementary and help us track marketing engagement on our website using Google’s cookies and remarketing pixels. 

We only use this data to measure and improve the effectiveness of our marketing . We do not to identify individuals from this data although the extensiveness of the data may make it possible to do so. If you want to opt-out of Google Ads, it’s easy to do so here: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

What we Share with 3rd Parties

Apart from the remarketing pixels discussed above, as little as possible.

We don’t sell your personal information to anyone.

If we need to share some information, for example with our technical partners because of a support issue affecting your service, we may need to share some personally identifiable information for troubleshooting purposes which could include user name, domain names or email addresses, however this will only be in the context of providing support and this information will not be kept or processed for any other purpose.

Any other data you share with us is private and will be kept that way.

How Long do we Keep Data?

The short answer: For as long as we need to in order to provide the service you’ve asked for. Plus one year, maybe.

The longer answer: If you’re a customer of ours then we need to keep relevant information about you to provide your services. If you cancel these services then we may keep some personal details for another 12 months in case you have any queries or resume services. After 12 months we will delete all information about you with the exception of data we’re legally obliged to keep for longer, such as financial records, which HMRC require us to keep for 5 years.

If you’re not a customer but have contacted us in another capacity, such as subscribing to our newsletter, we will keep your data for as long as necessary to provide that service.

If you ask to be removed from our marketing lists, we will delete your data immediately.

Once we have deleted your data, it can’t be processed by us, however copies may potentially still exist on our backups and may continues to exist for up to 12 months, or until those backups are discarded.

What About the Rozzers?

We will comply with all valid law enforcement requests for data we hold. This could be in the form of a subpoena or court order and we will cooperate fully with any such legal requests.

What if there’s a Data Breach?

We work diligently to keep your data secure but we recognise that it’s impossible to be 100% secure against all threats.

If we become aware that your data has been compromised, we will inform you immediately.

We don’t store credit card information: Even if there is a serious data breach, it won’t include your credit card details as we never store them, or even see them, ourselves. All card processing is performed by third parties such as Stripe.com or PayPal and are never visible to our website or servers.

If we become aware of any third party data breaches which may include your details, we’ll let you know.

If you make a credit card payment over the phone, the details you give us will be entered directly into the merchant system and will not be stored or written down by us in any form.

How to Get a Copy of Your Data

Simply email us at privacy@cotswoldwebgurus.co.uk with your name, email address and postal address. We will make additional identity checks to ensure you’re entitled to the data and, once satisfied, a copy of all data held by us will be sent to you by post.

We don’t charge you for this, however if you make repeated requests for data we have already provided, we may charge £10 + postage for each subsequent request in a three month period.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

If we make changes to this Privacy Policy, you probably won’t notice because you’re unlikely to have even read it this far. But that won’t stop us from emailing you to let you know we’ve made changes to something you’ve never read, and even telling you exactly what those changes are.

We’ll even email you to let you know if we turn completely evil. To avoid doubt, we are currently a non-evil, very ethical business and possess a strong moral compass. But if we do turn evil in the future and makes plans to take over the world from our underground lair, our last act of goodness will be to send you an email about it and disclose how very, very evil we’ve become. That’s why you should read emails about Privacy Policy changes. Just in case.

Version Control

This document was last modified on the 22nd of February, 2021 to add a Google Advertising opt-out.